Thursday, February 24, 2011


I intern for Wendoh media who owns 944Vegas Seven and various other publications. Well being a photographer and them a media company they needed my superpower interning help (just kidding) with finishing some doctor profiles for their 2011 Top Docs Issue!  I wanted to share the two advertisements that went into the publication and the photos I did for them! I was super excited they asked me to do these, recognition or not, my hands were shaking when I went to open the issue! So with out further a they are! 

Above is Crovetti Orthopaedics and sports medicine, which happens to be my fiance and I's orthopaedic doctor! He is fantastic! When I went to the office to photograph his new surgical recovery center, he remembered me pretty much by name, I haven't been to see him in like 8 months. Can you imagine how many patients he has seen since then?! And he asked about my knees and hip! Who does that? Doctors never remember! I think all doctors should strive to at least acknowledge patients not just their problems! Great doc if you ask me! He even uses cutting-edge technologies and has even developed new orthopedic instruments and surgical devices! (sounds like a plug, I know but I swear it's not)

And below we have Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada! These guys research different kinds of medicine to save our lives! If that's not impressive, then I don't know what is! They've been around for like 35 years helping fight cancer and find cures! Some of these research doctors looked pretty young too, I think one may have even been like 3 graduating classes in front of me! And is now researching potential cancer saving breakthroughs! Their research has even gone global! AWESOME!! CCCN makes the latest therapies and regimens available to patients and gives them the opportunity to receive cutting-edge treatment right here in Nevada  Las Vegas! Like 12 miles from my house! If I ever get cancer ( heaven forbid) I'm totally going to CCCN!

Keep up the good work everybody! 

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