Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Hayes Family

I met the Hayes Family about a year ago, but no where near Vegas! My Fiance, Mark and I met them in Costa Rica!! What a small world!! Mark and Jim were both out surfing and just started talking, you know the "Hey, what's up?; where are you from?" Well they of course both said Las Vegas but then it was well actually Henderson. Really small world! And it just so happens they kinda, sorta in a small way recognized each other because of their jobs. Mark is a firefighter for henderson and Jim is an ER doc for St. Rose hospitals! So to cut it short and not bore you we made friends!

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful family! I was so excited when they asked me, because it has literally been almost a year since I have seen them!

Emily is just too cute! Once she got more comfortable she loved having her picture taken!

Scrubba dub dub Hayes Family it's time for the tub!

Jim and Karen are hilarious, when Emily said make a funny face this is what we got!

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